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when your parents walk in on you in your cosplay


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oh no i ttly see where you’re thrown!! tbh i only have a really rough picture & having str8 exclusive LIs bums me out because, as the section i’ve occupied keeps saying, queer fans just don’t want another morrigan situation essentially given Fandom

i know, straight!ashley is the bane of my existence. and i don’t like the tendency to lump the characters into groups like “straight” and then “gay (bisexual)” which i feel like they were leaning towards in da:o

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i wish i could remember each time but I know that there have been a few times where the devs have said shitty stuff re: bi people, but most of it is fandom. but i know my friend hates gaider cause he’s opened his mouth about it badly.

awh that’s disappointing to hear :/

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oh no i meant more it’s bioware fandom’s constant push for us to have straight LIs because it’s unrealistic to have a party dominated with queer/bi ppl which i think ppl are viewing as bioware giving into that sect of the fandom??? again i’m still

i understand that. i guess i was just thrown off by the wording of the text post because the time i met david gaider and told him i appreciated the fact that the love interests in da2 were all bisexual he actually said something like “i think it’s funny these people criticizing the game are fine with lobbing fireballs at dragons but as soon as you get four bisexual people in one place it becomes unrealistic”

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i’m hunting down reciets myself, a lot of the stuff is more centered around fandom response which has been “thank god i don’t have a majority bi party!!!!”, in response to the DA staff releasing we’re having a more “”“balanced”“” LI system like DA:O

tbh i’ve never felt like having exclusively m/f, m/m, or f/f LIs is a biphobic thing in and of itself? i mean i did like having all four LIs be bisexual in da2 but if you’re going to have like 6 or 9 love interests or w/e i don’t see a problem with having a variety

the one sketchy thing that really stands out to me is the fact that the ashley/femshep romance never got included but the kaidan/mshep one did, but there’s more going on there than just biphobia

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did something happen recently to prompt this/what and who is it in reference to

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Marvel Cinematic Universe known Working Titles.

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story of my life 


story of my life 

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