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sounds like a wild ride. i’m tempted to go see it just for that.

it was really enjoyable and was actually i’d say a hybrid adventure/horror film. it reminded me of national treasure or indiana jones during certain sequences. and i really liked the main character. it made me motion sick tho so that’s something to take into consideration

August 29 2014, 12:51 AM

my favorite part of as above/so below was when the heroine had to run past the grim reaper but didn’t have time to stop she just straight out punched him in the face

August 28 2014, 11:31 PM

as above so below was wild

August 28 2014, 09:09 PM
troubling new signage on my apartment complex’s pool

troubling new signage on my apartment complex’s pool

August 28 2014, 09:00 PM

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i have pictures of me swimming in literal ice water is this good enough


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"you can wait until you’ve recovered from your surgery" truly you are a philanthropist for the generations

i know i’m a kind soul

August 28 2014, 08:16 PM

ALS ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE! I forgot to introduce the organization in this take because I was nervous, but donate to ALSA! And please be mindful of California water conservation! Our ice is reusable and our water came out of the pool and went right back into it.

I got challenged by scheriff and challenge btmcclure captainlitebrite and fuckthyhater

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  1. She’s inappropriate. Rose is as damn near a Hogwarts legend as anyone one person who’s not Harry Potter can be - stories of her stunts run rampant even years after her graduation. Her combination of extreme smarts and foolhardiness meant she’d try to do just about anything if someone implied she couldn’t do it. She was clever enough, however, to avoid explicitly signing her name to anything she actually did, and now fact and fiction begin to blur. If you ask the right person, you can find anecdotal proof of Rose doing just about anything - sneaking into the Headmasters’ office, sneaking off of castle premises, close encounters with squids or centaurs or giant spiders, a sordid affair with Professor Binns - you name it. Though she might divulge to close friends and family that most of these things are entirely untrue, her unseemly sense of humor prevents her from denying any allegations outright.

  2. Her uncle got her into the auror program. The most malignant rumor the media has started about her comes from Rita Skeeter’s gossip rag, The Beetle (Est 2016). Hitting the shelves only days after her acceptance to the training program, the six page spread details closely the school records and private lives of her and her best friends Albus and Scorpius - and pins their acceptance to auror academy solely on nepotism. Rose’s lackluster marks on OWLs and NEWTs where the boys got top grades only serve to exaggerate this rumor, even though she earned her place fair and square - by the skin of her teeth, maybe, but fair and ninety degrees square. In a program that’s already frankly intolerant towards women, the negative attention is the last thing she needs.
  3. She has awful taste in men. This, to be perfectly honest, she understands on some level - her four ex-boyfriends, when you line them up side-by-side, do seem like an undesirable bunch. First boyfriend and first love Kiernan MacLaggen dumped her and broke her heart shortly after graduation when she refused to move to America with him and is now living penniless in Salem, and from there it’s just a downward spiral to Quentin Shunpike, unemployed and unmotivated, but possessing of a very habitable flat that Rose moved into straight out of her previous ex’s flat. Rose’s growing tendency to date deadbeats is something that gets remarked upon constantly in the family, and her cousin Lily posits that she does it at least partially for attention. Other theories include pathological underachieving and fear of inadequacy.
  4. Her clothes are custom-tailored. An awfully benign rumor, all things considered, but one that irritates Rose to no end. First penned by Rose’s school roommate Wendelin Wight in the Daily Prophet, the article claimed Rose spent “in excess of two thousand galleons on party robes and gowns alone, not to mention her extensive collection of frivolously fancy shoes” (sic). Rose is a stark practical kind of person who owns exactly three pairs of shoes - chucks, boots, and rarely-been-worn but sensible heels - and she takes almost no pride in her appearance. Wendy and Rose have always had a contentious relationship, though, and these nattering rumors about Rose turn up in the Prophet non-stop.

  5. She just got dumped. A rumor not started by an enemy of the family/gossip rag writer or catty ex-roommate, but by someone nearest and dearest to her heart. Which, Rose claims, when you factor in the treachery makes it twenty times worse. She’d like to set the record straight and make clear that she was certainly the one who dumped Quentin, and that it wasn’t a mutual feeling and he is most devastated, but she’s ready to move on to better things. It does have the unfortunate side-effect of making her functionally homeless, but remember she is homeless by choice, no matter what Scorpius Malfoy might tell you.
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But instead of a book or a video or something that he might not see (because I honestly suspect he doesn’t much look at Twitter, and we KNOW he has no use for Tumblr or Instagram) maybe we could do something in his name?

I propose setting up a fund to donate in honor of Anthony to the NOCCA Institute, the community support and advocacy arm of NOCCA, where Anthony went to school in New Orleans. It’d be funding a good cause AND it would be something more meaningful and long-term effective than messages and such.

There’s no reason we can’t do BOTH, of course, but I’m curious—if you’re interested in donating to the ANTHONY MACKIE BIRTHDAY CHARITY FUNDRAISER please reblog. If I see enough interest, I’ll set up the deets, and post something by beginning of next week that organizes how we might donate as a unified front in Anthony’s name!